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Introducing Paayal Mittal, An accomplished Vastu professional with five years of expertise in the field. With a deep understanding of Vastu principles and their application, Paayal has successfully transformed spaces, enhancing positive energy flow and promoting harmonious living environments. Her meticulous attention to detail and intuitive approach enable her to assess and analyze spaces, offering effective Vastu solutions tailored to individual needs. Paayal's passion for creating balanced and prosperous spaces, coupled with her commitment to client satisfaction, has garnered her a reputation for excellence in the industry. With Paayal Mittal, your Vastu journey is in expert hands.

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“Pinnacle Vastu is known to have strong connections with its clients for their empathy to solve the client’s problems with quick, affordable, and efficient remedies.”

At Pinnacle Vastu, we work on the root cause and study the authentic problems of the clients in relation to their Vastu and Numerology. We believe in easy and practical remedies before property demolishing. We serve with clarity than following a blind faith!

Pinnacle Vastu offers you a healing and spiritual space to lead an optimistic life filled with gratitude and happiness.

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A peek look on what we aim to achieve

  • Customized solutions as per Numerology Charts combined with the effect of Vastu Shastra.
  • Scan your Earth Energies and Devta fields for better and precise solutions.
  • Intuitive skills developed by the experts via extensive mediation practises.
  • Cost and value effective remedies.
  • No structure demolitions or changes.
  • Scientific based Vastu remedies.

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