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Hi ,I am achraya Amit Gupta. Born and brought up in Delhi . Lives in Delhi dwarka. By profession I am a professional interior designer n decorator from last  fifteen years in residential and  commercial projects. Now I have added vastu in my profile. Learnt vastu from renounced Achraya Vikul Bansal from Pinnacle Vastu. This added Achraya prefix my name Amit Gupta. All thanks to our gurus from Pinnacle Vastu.

Amit Gupta: The Best Vastu Consultant for Harmonious Living

Introduction :

Amit Gupta is widely recognized as one of the best Vastu Consultants in the field of ancient Indian architecture and design. With an innate understanding of Vastu Shastra and years of experience, he has helped numerous individuals and businesses harness the positive energies of their surroundings to achieve balance, harmony, and prosperity in their lives. Amit's passion for Vastu Shastra and his dedication to improving the lives of others have earned him an esteemed reputation as a trusted advisor in the realm of Vastu consultancy.

Expertise and Background:

Amit Gupta's journey into the world of Vastu began with an earnest curiosity in the ancient Indian science of architecture. Over the years, he studied extensively, delving deep into the Vedic texts and scriptures to grasp the profound principles that govern Vastu Shastra. Combining this knowledge with a modern approach, Amit developed a unique and personalized style of consultancy that resonates with his clients.

His expertise extends to various aspects of Vastu Shastra, including residential Vastu, commercial Vastu, industrial Vastu, and even Vastu for landscaping and urban planning. He has successfully consulted on projects ranging from individual homes and offices to large-scale development ventures, all of which have experienced positive transformations under his guidance.

Approach to Consultancy:

Amit Gupta firmly believes that each space is unique, and the principles of Vastu Shastra should be applied with sensitivity and customization. When approached by a client, he begins the consultation process by understanding their specific goals and challenges. Whether it is to improve relationships, enhance financial prospects, or create a more productive workspace, Amit carefully analyzes the existing structures and surroundings to identify areas that may be causing imbalances.

His recommendations encompass both practical and spiritual aspects, aiming to optimize the flow of energy (prana) within the premises. Amit pays attention to the placement of rooms, doors, windows, and furniture to ensure that positive energy is harnessed while minimizing the impact of negative influences.

Client-Centric Approach:

What sets Amit Gupta apart as the best Vastu consultant is his client-centric approach. He places great emphasis on fostering open communication and building a rapport with his clients. Throughout the consultation process, he patiently addresses their queries and concerns, making them an active part of the transformation journey.

Moreover, Amit is known for his commitment to providing ongoing support to his clients, even after the consultation is complete. He believes that the implementation of Vastu principles is a gradual process and supports his clients at every step, ensuring that they witness sustained positive changes over time.

Testimonials and Success Stories:

The success stories of Amit Gupta's clients speak volumes about the effectiveness of his Vastu consultancy. Many have reported experiencing increased overall well-being, improved relationships, boosted business success, and better health after implementing his recommendations.

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