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“Positive Energy knows no boundaries. If everyone were to spread positive energy, the world would be a much better place.

Apart from having been an integral part of Manipal University for 11 years and an awardee for 7 excellency awards for student support in the education field, Surendra Kumar Sahoo has been a member of internationally recognised and certified world's largest social service group Rotary for about 10 years now.

As a part of the Rotary International Group, he has received social recognition and an opportunity to know a good number of well-known business tycoons who don't just sit in an office and run their companies but serve the society without feeling the need to be recognised enough for it.

By the grace of God and the curiosity for Vastu Shastra made it possible him me to meet few elite Vastu Masters across the globe. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step and the step was taken in 2016. Constant increase in the interest led to gaining the knowledge of Vastu Shastra.

He has had this interest to know more about directions and how everything around us affects the course of our lives from a very long time and that is when he grew upon this area of Vastu learning. His goal through this is to learn and share his knowledge with anyone who's troubled or just interested with how the world around us is not just materialistic but also spiritual.

With his knowledge in understanding directions and disbalance in energies around different locations, having gained a certified experience in Vastu Shastra, he has been able to provide desired results in accordance with different problematic solutions in a client's existing house or office plan.

Pinnacle Vastu is gratified to share light and knowledge with and through Surendra Kumar Sahoo.



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“Pinnacle Vastu is known to have strong connections with its clients for their empathy to solve the client’s problems with quick, affordable, and efficient remedies.”

At Pinnacle Vastu, we work on the root cause and study the authentic problems of the clients in relation to their Vastu and Numerology. We believe in easy and practical remedies before property demolishing. We serve with clarity than following a blind faith!

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