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Learning new things has always been my passion. When I Was In My twenties, I was a homemaker with a long list of family duties. I longed to earn and be independent. But I was sure of one thing even then, if I had to Start Any Work it had to be with Complete Knowledge.
‘knowledge Is The Key to Success’.
In 2005 when I Started My Yoga Centre, I got trained in Tatha Yoga as A Shiromani Teacher. In 2006, when I Started My Pre-School, I first trained myself as a Montessori Teacher Form MMI, London (UK). I have Always Believed that every time I take a step, I have To put my best foot forward. And because Learning And Teaching have always been My Best Assets I started my career as an educationist. With years of dedication, right partnerships, and God’s blessings, today I am the Founder and the Principal of a chain Montessori schools in Faridabad, Haryana.
Back in the day, whenever Any Child came for Admission In my School I Kept On Seeing His Date Of Birth And Started Telling his/her Parents About the Childs’ Personality. And they were always surprised how I was so accurate. It is here that I Slowly  realised That Numerology Is a Beautiful Science. And I MUST Learn This Science For My School Children So That I Can Guide the Child’s Parents better.
This followed with becoming a Numerologist in 2017. This Science of numbers Is also Called “Hiden Science” since The Word Hidden Means You Have To Go In Depth To decipher This Science. This was followed with Tarot, Vastu, BBN, Industrial Vastu, Lalkitaab, Astro Vastu, Kp Astrology and many more to come.
In my life, like a lot of us seeking solace, I too turned to many astrologers every time there was a huge hurdle. But I Was Never satisfied with Their answers because They Always spoke the same language - this planet is Good, This Dasha is Bad, Pay so-so much and we will fix your malefice planet. What I couldn’t understand was, how is it that with money “they” will fix “my” bad planet. And thereon, I decided to learn Astrology and realised Astrology is not only future Prediction but It Is A Beautiful Tool To Align Yourself With The position of your planets. I speak from personal experience, correct alignment of Your Planets Will Help You To Live the Best Version Of Yourself.
I Believe That 
Right Decision+Right time+Right Place = Good Fortune.

Pinnacle Vastu is gratified to share light and knowledge with and through Archana Guha.

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