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Insustrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu helps in enhancing the premises’energies in such a way that production is efficient and there’s a growth in the quality and quantity of finished goods. With the right incorporation of Vatu principles, there’s a magnification in production, sales, and labour efficiency.

Vastu Shastra is imperative for any location as it focuses on an enriched flow of energy. Only then it has the capacity to increase productivity and performance. One wish torefine their business venture and it’s possible throughincorporating the natural elements in concurrence to your goals and targets. Vastu provides a meticulous approachto harmonize wealth and prosperity in the provided location.

Why Industrial Vastu is important?
  • Offer satisfaction to owner in terms of wealth, health, peace, employees and labour.
  • Increased production
  • Increased sales
  • Labour efficiency
Key Areas in Focus
  • Complete layout of an industrial plant.
  • Machinery layout.
  • Analysis of plot surroundings i.e. road, rivers, hills, nearby buildings, and so on.
  • External Vastu Planning that included main gate, water bodies, power stations, utility area, security, and ETP plants.
  • Beneficial trees and plants around the location.
  • Direction of administrative office, canteen, and conference rooms in which they are built.
  • Direction of various sections like raw material zone, tools room, storeroom, finished goods warehouse, and so on.
Industries Covered
  • Industries
  • Industrial Land
  • Factories