Vastu Shastra’s focus is to align all the zones and its attributes in such a manner that positive energies flow and favored results are reaped. Every human dwelling in a space is influenced by the aura that influences his karma and its results. So, it would be appropriate to say that the Science of Vastu Shastra needs to be applied for attracting new opportunities, positive vibes, and enhanced living style.  Listing the basic and affordable Vastu tips for home that will promote positive energy and enhance the vibrations.

  1. Remove all the broken glass / crockery / mirror / accessories and everything that’s in pieces. We generally ignore and let it stay where it is or throw it in a store but these objects induce sadness, dejection, and brokenness among the family members. Make sure such objects are discarded or repaired immediately.

Brass Framed Wall Mirror

  1. Avoid negative artworks / war related images like a crying child, poverty, shipwreck, images from Mahabharat, and so on that would create a pessimistic outlook and invoke pain.

Side view of adorable crying baby in casual clothes and hat lying in stroller with closed eyes while crop unrecognizable mother standing near          

  1. Keep the ventilation crossing in. Fresh air and sunlight promote positive energy at home. So, ensure that you keep the home’s windows open. Besides that, keep your house lit to avoid darkness and negativity. If any space does not have sufficient sunlight, ensure to fulfil it through artificial light. Keep your home white and breezy.

Photo of Green Leaf Potted Plants on Window and Stand

  1. Keep your house clutter free and keep your space clean. Each zone of your house is governed by an element (Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space). Make sure all the Elements are purified and cleansed by organizing your cupboards, drawers. Ensure there’s no dirt and cobwebs.