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Blue Tape For Vastu

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  • 4 Inch Wide and 8 Feet Long
  • Color Tape Technique is used to remove Vastu faults in a building and correct the elemental disbalance in a space.
  • Color Tape is pasted on the floor to block anti-activity (normally toilets or incorrect entrances).


Blue Tape Vastu


People are also struggling to build the correct house, according to Vastu. We utilize tapes of various colors. If it is not correct according to Vastu, the house will not be in the object, even if the timing is proper according to Vastu. Because they used different colors and painted in separate directions. The water is blue if the color is blue. Vayu means "super air," which we get from trees. The tree's color is green, and its color is green. If the color is yellow, there is a Vastu flaw in the direction of the water. The direction of water gives your health, your health remains healthy. The direction of water gives you the direction which guides you. As a result, the direction of water is significant in our lives. As a result, we must pay extra attention to this. In relationships, the direction of water is extremely important. This is your love-infused blood. Love blossoms. If I turn red in the direction of the north. Interest in the link began to wane in relation to North, North, and West. The values begin to rise. You begin to get into arguments. New opportunities become scarce. The family becomes a detention Centre. All of this is caused by a color imbalance in the north direction. If you get the balance right, it indicates I painted blue in the north direction and red in the south. So either the house will be blessed or the balance of these factors will be correct.


Blue Tape Vastu For Washroom


Toilet Treatment in Vastu Shastra is a very crucial concept and not everyone knows the secret behind it. You need to understand the logic of the 5 Elements deeply before treating any toilet with a color tape or Metal Strip. Vastu Experts are practicing Vastu Shastra With the Intention of Providing good life to their clients but because of false knowledge, they are making mistakes. Assume the restroom is on the Northside. Now we'll discuss the impact of having a toilet on the North Side, as well as how it occurs. If the toilet is not in the proper location, it might cause numerous issues. You may not understand something if you are trying to do something. It also causes mental issues. That is one thing that is shocking. Cancer might develop if the toilet is not in the proper location. We must take special care of the object while constructing the house. , Vastu plays a vital role in everyone's life. This Vastu blue color tape. It keeps us out of trouble. It keeps a wide range of ailments at bay. We can secure both our time and our future with the help of Vastu. The house receives many blessings. Family relationships, including marriage relationships, improve. Now, what is this blue color, and how is it made? We cannot even call it a complete blue color, it is also made by mixing many colors.


Blue Tape For Vastu


The blue tape has its own importance according to the place. Because the place where it should be used, we should use it only at that place. If near the toilet seat, use white tape instead of blue. What will it take? Due to this, the power of water becomes double. Now more water energy will be destroyed. Due to excess water energy wastage. Problems will be more. There will be more obstacles in life. The atmosphere in the house will also be bad. Home purchasers can frequently make unconventional choices to bring success and great energy into the home. Not only that but west-facing houses are given less attention since they are thought to be unlucky, according to popular perception. According to Vastu Shastra specialists, all directions are the same, however, they do have some limitations. It should be publicized. Now if we do it with yellow tape instead of white near the toilet seat. The yellow tape also has different importance in Vastu. The yellow tape acts as a kind of wall. Suppose you are in such a situation where you have to stop any energy. But here it has to be kept in mind that the place and direction in that situation should be according to the Yellow Tape. Otherwise, it will be of no use. The yellow tape will not only stop water energy, but at the same time, it will also stop that opportunity coming to the north side.


Mahavastu Tape


Many times it happens in our life that if we go to do something, then the work is not done. Often fights start in the house over any matter. Tension starts building up in mutual relations. Why does this happen? What to do? This Question often comes to our mind. There is only one answer to all these questions, Vastu Defects. All this happens only when there is a Vastu defect in the house. Now how to get rid of it. What should we do in such a way that the Vastu defects get rectified? Or may that peace of our house be returned or new paths of success many open? For this, we have to fix the condition of Vastu in our house and at our working place. Whether it is an office or factory. As soon as we fix the Vastu of our house and the Vastu of our working place according to Vastu Shastra, then everything starts going well. All these problems happen only because Vastu is not correct and when we fix the Vastu of the home and office everything becomes fine. And Vastu Tapes are used to fix Vastu. Vastu tapes are also available in many colors. These colors have their importance. The color of Vatu Tapes reflects different elements. Like blue color to water and Green color to nature.


Mahavastu Blue Tape


The blue color also has a different significance in Vastu Shastra. It has its distinct strength. A lot of attention is given to this color in Vastu Shastra because its range is too wide. If you see the blue color in Vastu Shastra, then you can see it from the point of view of the water. The blue tape represents the water element. In Vastu Shastra, every color represents some of the other elements. It has importance in the life of every person. If a person keeps his house right according to Vastu, then he may not have to face many problems. According to Vastu, many different paths are available at the time for the problems that have no solution. If there is any problem in the house. Which is deteriorating the atmosphere of the house. Vastu Shastra can eliminate this problem in time. Sometimes it happens that no new way is being found. People often get frustrated. Why is this happening to me? There can be only one answer to this. Vastu Shastra. Maybe the kitchen or bathroom in your house is made in the wrong place. This happens when you do not build your house according to Vastu. If the house is not built according to Vastu. Then these Vastu Tapes help to solve your problems. There is another unique thing about these colors that it is made by mixing many colors. Due to this the element of the other color also mixes with the other color and gives rise to another energy.


South West Entrance Vastu


South West Entrance Vastu Is the direction of your main entrance south-west? What is the direction of your main entrance to the southwest? What kind of energy are you feeling in your home? How is your experience pleasant or full of problems? The main purpose of Vastu is to give remedies according to your directions. Based on your date of birth, it is decided that how the effect of a particular direction on one family brings prosperity and its effect on the other family is negative. Hence the right direction has a profound effect on your life. The use of the South-west direction of the house for the main entrance of the house is considered inappropriate, it has negative consequences. However, as per Vastu Shastra, Vastu remedies for the southwest direction can help in reducing the negative effects and increase the positive energy around the house. Since large spaces in the southwest area of the house can cause damage, they should be avoided. Instead, open space should be created in the North-East area of your home to encourage positive energy. Make sure not to place an underground water tank in the southwest corner of the house. Instead, build an upper water tank on the southwest side of the house to create a balance of energy around your house. According to Vastu, always keep heavy, items like cupboards, washing machines, and sofas in the southwest corner. This remedy will help you prevent negative energy from accumulating inside your home.


North Facing Home Vastu


North facing house Vastu According to the Vastu of the house, North facing houses are considered very suspicious. It is said that the north direction is the direction of Kuber, the god of wealth and prosperity, so the chances of a good flow of money in the house are high. However, the fact remains that the flow of money and positive energy in the house depends on Vastu compliance. If the North facing house is constructed according to the Vastu plan, then there is a strong possibility of getting success, well-being, happiness, and positivity in the house. North facing hose is very auspicious but it is not suitable for everyone. Depending on the profession and zodiac sign of the people effect of North facing houses varies. These houses are suitable for businessmen, accountants, bankers, investors, communicators, stock market traders, astrology and Vastu service providers, and people working in the business of hospitality, hotels travel, and tourism. According to zodiac astrology, these houses are most suitable for the people of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. According to the Vastu of a North facing house, the main door of the house should be in the North direction. If the length of the main gate is divided into nine equal parts from North-East to North-West, then the fifth part of pada is considered auspicious. The third, fourth, and eighth Padas in the north direction are also considered to bring wealth and prosperity to the house. Avoid placing the main door of the house or the entrance of the house in the North-West direction. Placing the main door in the northwest direction can adversely affect the members of the house.


Tape For Vastu Remedy


Just like in our life, when we do things in our way, then we get progress. In the same way, the right kind of construction done in the house also takes us towards a happy life. Directions have great importance in Vastu. According to Vastu, when a house is built, new paths are found. Peace comes into the house. If the house is not according to Vastu, there are many disadvantages too. Trouble comes into the house. A kind of mountain of difficulties breaks on a person. If the problem does not seem to be going away in your home. Your attempt has failed. So you should try to rectify it by understanding the Vastu defects of directions according to Vastu. There are some things that a person does not care, if a person understands those things at the right time, then maybe these problems will end. We should never eat food facing the south direction. While eating food facing south, we invite many types of problems. By ignoring this rule, many diseases and problems come toward home. Many problems arise due to facing the south direction while eating. According to Vastu Shastra, while eating, the risk of loss of value increases while eating by facing the south direction. That is why we should try to live our life keeping all these things in mind. We should work according to the direction of Vastu Shastra.


Mahavastu Blue Tape


Blue Vastu tape has an important contribution to Vastu. It prevents many kinds of troubles. Advancement comes into the house and maintains peace in the house. So that’s why we should use the right tape according to Vastu. Now that we are talking about the blue tape, then let us know how to use it. We often use blue tape near the toilet seat. Let's suppose if the toilet is on the north side then it is not a good thing. Because opportunity comes from the North Side. Now if there is a toilet on the Northside then it will happen that an insignificant opportunity does not come. Their excrement is disposed of. From this, it happens that whatever opportunity comes to the North Side gets destroyed. That’s why we should use blue tape near the toilet seat. Because Bahram Dev Releases water energy. And the blue tape that is there is a symbol of trees, it is a symbol of nature. And the green tape absorbs it. Due to this the water-energy which was wasted will no longer be destroyed. If we do some other tape near the toilet. It is not known whether it will be beneficial, but there will definitely be a loss. For example, if the blue tape is placed near the toiler. The blue color is the symbol of water. And Bahram Dev is also releasing water energy. It will make more water energy, then it will destroy double water energy.


Blue Tape Price For Vastu


The human body is made up of five different elements. Each of these five elements has its significance. These elements also have their distinct color. Blue is the color of the water element. The color of air is green, while the color of fire is red. The earth is yellow and the sky is grey. Tapes of these colors are used in Vastu Shastra to take advantage of these colors. The price of color tapes varies. The question now is how these color tapes function. Let us now discuss the power of green. The color green is seen in the form of air. Prana Vayu is another name for this element. What impact does the color green have on the home? The color green gives us life. It provides strength. Also provides the ability to connect. If the color green is used correctly, it can be beneficial. However, if it is not in the appropriate direction, it can harm. the blue color gives positivity in the east direction. This color gives opportunity in the north. When it is in the right direction, it gives direction. If there is a blue color on the north side then it increases the area. If the green-blue is in the north direction, then it will be in the area of the relationship and it will end it. That is why its use is kept in mind.


Basic Vastu For Home


Many things are kept in mind while building a house. Apart from that, attention is paid to the contents of the house. On which side of the house will the door open, and where will the temple be built? Where would stairs be in the house? According to Vastu, everything is written in it. There are 4 angels in Vastu Shastra. Fire Corner, Water Corner, Air Corner, Earth Corner. The center part of the house is called Bahram Sathan. Nothing should ever be constructed at this place. This is either the hall of your house or the lobby. Vastu Shastra has also been written on the house’s door. On which side the door of the house should be opened and which side should not. According to Vastu, in which direction the door of the house should be opened or not. This has also been written about. The door should be open inwards in a clockwise direction. It has also been written about that how the stairs should be made. If the stairs are made in the shape of a U. It’s very good for the house. Having stairs like this in the house also sometimes brings good energy home. Southwest is considered the best place for the bedroom. That is why we have many benefits to building a house according to Vastu. The finest spot to create a temple at home is in the northeast.


Vastu Shastra In English


Some people live in one house, they are settled. But when they move to another house, they are ruined. Why does this happen? What is the reason for this? The reason for this is the Vastu defect. To know what is Vastu, We have to know about the story of Mahadev. According to the Puranas, there was once a horrific battle between lord shiv and andhakasur. This fight went on for a long time. So much that both were sweating. When the sweat of both of them mixed, a very big Rakshasa was born. When the gods saw him. They started running away considering him as a demon, and the demons started running away considering him as a god. Seeing this, he went to the Bahram dev. All the gods and demons also followed him to Bahram Dev’s place. Demons and Gods questioned who this is. Is this a demon or a deity? Then Bahram Dev said he is my Manas Son, and he will be known as Manas Putra. Because he was made of the sweat of demon and deity. Therefore demons and gods will reside in it. Brahma Dev said, he will sit inside the house. If the house is not built properly, Demon energy will start growing in his house. If someone made his house according to Vastu, then the positive energy will start growing in his house. That is why Vastu Shastra is important to everyone's life.



Vastu is a combination of two words. “Vas” means stay and “Tu” means you. Where you stay. Vastu is always in the house. In the house position of elements is also important. If they are not in the right position then they can defect the Vastu of your house. Which can cause your family problems, business problems, and mental problems. To correct the Vastu there are also several things written in Vastu Shastra. There are issues in the house if the 5 elements’ direction and surface are incorrect. If it’s correct, the residence has a pleasant environment. According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of the plot of the house and its construction has been told. The direction of construction and plot should always face North or East. What should be the shape of the plot is also taken care of. The plot should always be square or rectangle in shape. The building's structure should also follow Vastu principles. The color of the interior of the house should be done according to Vastu. The relation of Vastu Shastra is also told with a deity. Whose name is Vishwakarma? If we talk about how to sleep at night. In which direction do we sleep so that we do not have any problems. Or in which direction we sleep so that we can benefit. It is considered the worst direction in Vastu Shasta if we sleep from north to south.


Vastu For Toilet Seat Facing


When we build the house, then according to that where should be the toilet and tis toilet seat should be known about it also. If the toilet seat is not in the right place, then it will disturb those elements and energy which are necessary for us. Having the right place on the toilet seat, where there are benefits, the same troubles end in our life. Due to this health remains fine and love remains in the house. If we talk about the past. Man and women had a separate bathrooms. Because there is some direction that harms women but not men, so their toilets are different according to their Vastu. In the house, the toilet seat has to be facing the northern side. Placing a window will be beneficial for you if it is exactly above it. If the bathroom is a bit higher than the surface area then it’s good for you and according to Vastu too. Sometimes doing this might hamper the design of your home. But to create your house according to Vastu you have to do this. If you don’t do that it may because you worst later. The door of the place where the toilet seat is located should be made of wood. If the door is made of metal then it is not good for home and you. Because the metal allows the energy of the bathroom to enter your living room.


Staircase As Per Vastu

If we talk about the Staircase how to build it according to Vastu. The western and southern part of the house is good for the staircase. If we make stairs in the western and southern parts of the house then it is considered good according to Vastu. The staircase should not be constructed in the northeast corner. It is believed that staircase here can lead to financial losses. It is believed that it leads to losses if the staircase is made in another direction except for the western or southern corner. The stairs in the house or anywhere should always start from the north and go towards the south, or from the east to the west. There is also one thing that we should be careful about. The stairs must never end with a zero. It must always be an odd number. In Vastu, a spiral staircase is not a good symbol. It is believed that a spiral staircase can cause bad health. A staircase encircling the building is not advisable as it is believed it leads to calamities. In which direction or part of the staircase is built in the room is important to know before its built. The room has a staircase in its basement or southwest direction can defect Vastu. So we should not build. So we should not make stairs in that direction. In Vastu, it is advisable to have doors at the end and beginning of a staircase.


North East Facing House Vastu


East, North, and Northeast-facing homes are considered auspicious, according to the Vastu Shastra. Northeast-facing houses are considered that attract good luck and new opportunities. North is the house of Kuber. So north being the house of kuber. And the kuber as we know is the lord of wealth. So the lord of wealth kuber offers the occupants prospects to gain abundant wealth. We get so much growth from this site, so we should also keep this corner clean. In Vastu, the northeast direction is also called the Ishanthe direction of divine and spiritual power. When designing a house that faces northeast, we must follow the Vastu instruction. As per the principles of Vastu the compound wall or the boundary wall has to be constructed. Open space toward the northeast of the plot should be there. Tall trees should not be planted in the northeast zone of the property as it may cause unexpected expenses and loss of wealth or health. There is one more thing, the roof of the house should slope toward the north, east, or northeast. Vastu says the northeast is the most auspicious direction in the home as it receives the morning sunlight and has healing and purifying energies. The Door that opens in a clockwise direction enhances positive energy and brings success to the occupants. It’s a positive symbol for the occupants and we must follow this.


Vastu Purusha

In MATSYA PURANA about vatsu pursha and his birth and how he was born are narrated. By reading that story one knows why the worship of the Vastu Pursha is necessary before beginning the construction of any house. When the lord Shiva was fighting with the demon. Shiva was very much tired and he began to sweat while fighting. Then a man was born of the shiv’s sweat. He was very hungry. So he started doing penance for appeasement. Shiv was pleased with his penance and appeared before him while he was in penance. Lord Shiva said you pleased me with your penance. What do you want? You can ask for any boon you want. And he said Oh Lord! Please permit me to eat away all the three worlds. Lord Shiva gave him his desired boon. Due to this, there was no place for his happiness, now he had got authority over the three worlds. First, he was ready to eat the terrestrial world and then celestial beings. All the lord's Shiva and the demons also were terrified and caught hold of the devotee encircling him. The devotee lay down there only after being bound like that. In Vastu, it has been narrated, that since then, she has been lying there surrounded by the celestial beings, and thus he was called “The God of Vastu or Vastu Purusha. This is the story of Vastu Purusha.


Vastu Plant Remedy


A seed is a symbol of hope. Every plant you planted is designed to bring happiness into someone's life. It might be health, money, prosperity, or good luck. Plants are crucial for revitalizing our environment and soaking out all of the negative. According to Vastu Shastra, some plants should be planted in all homes to promote a green lifestyle and purify the environment. Picking the proper plant to blossom at your house, according to Vastu, is just as crucial as choosing the right direction in which to place that plant. You might be shocked to learn that some zodiac plants are quite fortunate to have at home based on your sun sign. Plants have an important role in Vastu Shastra. The usage of Ginkgo spreads happiness into the home. Let us begin by discussing the bamboo plant. In Vastu, it is regarded as the most auspicious. This plant develops quickly. It's also known as a growing plant. A three-layered bamboo plant is considered extremely auspicious. In this case, the water needs to be changed every week. You must have put a red ribbon around this plant when you bought it. Let us now discuss the Tulsi plant. Lakshmi Ji lives in the same house as the Tutsi plant. It provides you with objectivity. Lord Vishnu is a huge fan of Tutsi. Or the plant should be kept in the northeast. Is it necessary to keep the ant in mild light? We should maintain our place clean where you put this plant. Let us now discuss the snake plant. This is very stunning. It's a low-growing herbaceous plant. It thrives in filtered sunshine. The greatest location for this plant is in the southeast


Mirror Vastu


Let's discuss Mirror Vatu’s north orientation, which is believed to be highly fortunate. Kubera may be found in the north. We keep receiving ml here, or the energy of the North Pole. Occasionally, they will keep the cupboard here or overfill it. If you want to make money, maintain the direction light if you are spotted. You have a lot if you have a mirror in your direction. There is a lot of value if you have put a huge mirror and then a full-length mirror. The second element is keeping a thirst within the house. Wherever you keep your jewelry, you should install a mirror. As a result, it's a multiple. There should be no property paperwork stored where the money is held. People used to watch to obtain their faces in the bygone days. Water's function is to reflect any activity. Mirrors have the same effect. Both occupations are identical. Because the mirror's first purpose is to reflect the hypotenuse. As a result, whatever is planted extends the available space. It also corrects the water components. When it comes to direction, placing the mirror towards the northeast or north North West is beneficial. Water is always represented by mirrors. Kio's science of similarities is this. Water also reflects or even mirrors objects.


Vastu For Pooja Room In Flats


To Construct a Pooja room, North-east, East or North direction is perfect for that. These directions are considered the most auspicious and good for the Pooja room. We should not place Pooja rooms beneath the staircases and next to the toilets to ensure zero negative energies. In Pooja room make sure you have a pyramid-type structure of the ceiling. And this roof looks like a gopura of a temple. This kind of design ensures attracting positive energies in this space. Pooja room according to the Vastu should not be in the basement or on the elevated floors. Avoiding such placements brings in Maximus' a positive and good omen in the home. It is said in Vastu that one should avoid placing idols inside the prayer room. But if you want, ensure that it should not be more than 9 inches or less than 2 inches in height. The idols should be kept slightly away from each other. Ensure proper flow of the air. One more thing which is important is that the feet of the idols should be at the chest level while praying. According to Vastu the position of the idols should be such that one faces the East or North while praying. Prayer books, Wicks, Lamps, etc., shall not be jumbled up and not placed over the idol it’s not good according to the Vastu.


House Entrance Vastu


Let us now discuss Vastu at the front door of the house. The main door of the house is crucial according to Vastu. When you enter the house, you can see whether your steps are leading to success or failure. The entrances on the east and north sides are beautifully carved. By enlarging it, there is now a compromise. 32 pads are considered hot by Vastu. If all of the dwellings' walls are enlarged, 32 steps are obtained. Only 10 or 11 posts are known to have decent entries. But this is a fantastic field of study. A Vastu specialist should be consulted while building a new home. This may provide you with a suitable entrance position. When it comes to the solution, there are several points of view. Alternatively, it becomes our north entry from where our line starts. As a result, the north entrance is regarded as excellent. Let's take a look in the east direction, where your entrance is located. Where the sun shines straight on the home. This path's entry has been an excellent jewel. He commands a lot of respect in society and provides his work with a lot of names. However, some individuals believe that looking south is negative. If you're looking south, you're getting it right. Let us now discuss the North East Entrance. This is not a recommended entrance direction. Vastu Puchsa's head can be found there. So you won't be able to deliver it yourself.