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1) ELEMENTAL TAPE: This tape should be 3-4 inch wide. This is mainly used to block washrooms, entrances (temporarily). It’s used when an anti-activity is being done in that zone, we use this technique to cut that area to diminish its negative effects.

2) SPACE SURGERY TECHNIQUE: This technique is used to block washrooms and entrances by grooving elemental metal strip as per the zone’s defined metal. This metal is to be inserted vertically.

3) SPACE PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUE: This technique can be done by hanging paintings or 3D remedies in the prescribed zones. Every painting or object has a meaning and a reason, so always buy them after a detailed study.

4) ACTIVITY RE-LOCATION: This technique can be used by just moving the objects of our home. (If the person is suffering from shoulder pain, knee pain etc.), we need to check and analyse the picture of Vastu Purush and accordingly move the objects of that zone a bit to get the desired results.

5) ENLIGHTENING TECHNIQUE: This technique is done by placing bulbs to balance the problematic areas. The colour of the bulb depends on zone and whether it’s extended or exhausted.

6) AMPLIFIER TECHNIQUE: This technique is done by placing pyramids on floors.

7) SPACE EXTENSION TECHNIQUE: In this technology, we use mirrors to extend the area. But we don’t use this technique in Fire zone. (Mirror being a water element isn’t recommended in Fire zone). The length of mirror should be 4 feet and width 2 and a half. The mirror should be 4-5 feet above the floor level.

8) TATV SHUDHI TECHNIQUE: Panch Tatva means Five elements. Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Space. When one tatva enters in other tatva, it creates problem for that tatva’s zone as well as for the existential zone. If fire enters the water, that means, it has destroyed all the opportunities or benefits we get from North as well as fire gets ashudh. In Tatva Shudhi Technique, either we use the balancer (colour) or use the other colour which can destroy the negative vibes.

9) SPACE PURIFYING TECHNIQUE: This technique is done by using salt. Salt removes the negativity from the house and cleans the aura if we use salt for bathing purpose. Initially, we have to keep the salt in 4 corners of our house. After a week, drain that salt and clean the entire area using salt water. After that, we can use the salt on Every Tuesday or Saturday to wipe out the negative energy. To get rid of evil eye, we can use the salt for bathing also. Put salt in bucket, keep it for 5 minutes and then take bath. It will remove the negative energy. We recommend the Vastu Salt by Pinnacle Vastu.

10) FACING THE RIGHT DIRECTION: This is done by keeping the face in right direction, no matter where you sit to take the benefits of that particular direction.

11) PLANTS TECHNIQUE: This is done by keeping plants at home. Plants create opportunities as well as increases the cash flow. Some healing plants are good for good immunity. We can keep plants from North till east in green or blue pots and money plant in Transparent bottle. Plants should be light as no thick or heavy plant in North and East is allowed. If want to keep Money plant in SE for cash flow, can keep in red bottle.

12) MARMA TECHNIQUE: This is the place of Vastu Purush. His head is placed in North East and legs towards South West. In both these zones, there are Marma points that are super sensitive. If these points got punctured, the member of that family may have serious issues (accidents, brain related issues etc.). So, in these zones, we always go for temporary remedies (with tapes) as Space surgery technique is not allowed here.


Find all Vastu Remedies at one place: